Existentialism on a bike – Day 5 (continued)

Leaving Cruseilles, still in light rain, I branch onto a minor road heading into the hills. This is more like it! Soon, I reach a fork and make a spontaneous decision to take the minor, minor road- even more uphill! Good decision – after an initial slog of only 100m or so, the terrain settles; good road surface, manageable inclines and no traffic.

After a few blissful miles, another fork. Again I choose the higher road. Bad decision! This lane rises precipitiously through a series of hairpin bends to the hamlet of La Croisette, perched at a height of 1175m on top of the ridge. At the confluence of a number of high level routes, it’s clearly a cyclists’ mecca; a number are gathered enjoying some refreshments.


Speaking to them I learn that my route continues up the ridge to the summit at the1250m. The view is breath-taking and gives me my first glimpse of Lake Geneva


So then, if I reject scepticism as an unhealthy basis for a way of life, where does that leave me? I see it like this – I want to believe; and I choose to believe. Why? Because it makes my life immensely richer. Even if the destination proves to be illusory, the sense of direction and purpose enhances my life. To return to an earlier cliche, faith in the destination, although it not the be all and end all, enhances the journey. So there you have it.

I am rapidly approaching the end of this  journey. A breath-taking descent, probably the longest I’ve ever undertaken, brings me once again to the shore of Lake Geneva. The purpose of this trip was to visit my son Alex; the truth is, I don’t need an excuse. I’ve enjoyed the cycling; I’ve enjoyed the opportunity for a few days of solitary introspection; and I’ve enjoyed composing this log. It’s the only writing I ever do.

And what about Daisy, my sole, if inanimate companion? She’s been wonderful! Strava inform me that over the five days we’ve travelled 192 miles, climbed a staggering total of  16,114ft (more than half the height of Everest!) and reached a top speed of 40.7mph. (Somewhere in the hills around Annecy). And not a squeak of complaint from Daisy.

To those of you who read this – thank you. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did, writing it.

This has been my last day ……..until next year!


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