Curiosities of the Mind – Day 5

It’s my last day. Having rejected the exciting possibilities of Aix -en-Provence yesterday afternoon, I cycled NW, yes further into the wind, to the village of Eguilles, evidently a local retreat for the wealthy. Lining the road for a good mile before reaching its historic heart, lie a string of large, gated mansions – slightly reminiscent of the Dyke road going down into Brighton. On visiting the Tourist Office in the centre I’m informed there’s no hotel. What a surprise! I’m directed to the nearest one, about 4km away, where I wake this morning: large, modern, functional, reasonable – and completely soulless.

By the way, I checked yesterday’s weather on the internet: the wind in Aix was a steady 40 mph, gusting up to 60; I reckon that at the top of the col beneath Le Croix de Provence you could add another 15. It was awesome! A few extra thoughts to add to yesterday’s musings: how do computers think? Can/could they replicate the human mind? Well, they are both, on the one hand, very simple, and on the other, extremely complex. Simple, because they reduce everything to digital binary; complex, because of the immensity of the data are able to handle, and the complexity, therefore, of the constructs which are possible. They can certainly replicate the “head” part of the human mind. But the “heart” – with its capacity for feelings; emotional intelligence; altruism; conscience and guilt? Not in a million years! On plane. Excellent day. Will upload now and conclude tomorrow


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