Social philosophy not on a folding bike. Postlude

Sitting in the Airport lounge (I use the word loosely), with time on my hands, I feel an urgent need to add a brief postscript to my commentary on knowledge and power.

It seems to me that, in addition to “the people” there are three distinct groups which are viewed with varying degrees of suspicion: the “experts”; the liberal elite; and the rich and powerful. I’ll take them in turn.
The experts, I’ve already dealt with to some extent.
The liberal elite, to which I clearly belong, are often confused (mistakenly) by “the people” with both the experts and the rich and powerful.
The rich and powerful are small in number and cloaked in secrecy and anonymity. Owen Jones, an unashamedly left-wing commentator describes in his book “The Establishment” how we are all being shafted (his word) by this group WITHOUT OUR KNOWLEDGE. That the systems (and even the rule of law) are geared by them for their advantage. Whether this is true or not, the inequality in the UK is outrageous and increasing. It is no surprise that “the people” are starting to rail against the system, assisted by newly found knowledge and power.
The question is whether they distinguish correctly between the three groups I’ve described. The experts, and the liberal elite are easy targets. The rich and powerful are still protected by mystery.

How society develops into the future, it seems to me, will depend significantly on the interrelationships between these groups, and how they evolve in this new world of instantly available knowledge and communication.

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